Computing Services

Technology (τεχνολογία) defines today's world.
The problem is that emerging technologies are developing faster each day.  This is where we require help.  Mark Kilarjian has been in the science, computer, and technology fields for over 30 years, and has worked through and mastered nearly all of today's most complex issues.   His educational background includes Computer Science, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Electronic Engineering, and Physics. Mark worked at a major area university for 15 years, developing scientific software, managing computers, networks, and teaching computer science.  Later he worked as a senior engineer at a global information company, developing advanced computing and networking solutions, and managed security for North and South America. He has a history of being, as one senior director said, the "Swiss Army Knife" of his field.  After this, he served as director of IT at a major cancer research center, where he developed and implemented advanced supercomputers to assist with the challenges facing geneticists, molecular biologists, and cancer researchers.  His educational background includes biology, computer science, chemistry, physics, and electrical engineering. During his many years he has worked with students, teachers, and professionals, and has conquered the challenge of bringing people up to speed on current methodologies. 

George Orwell